iPads use either USB-C or Lightning connection, first I will explain the easiest one and that’s with USB-c on newer iPads.

USB-C iPad to wired USB-Keyboard


Apple builds a USB-C port into the iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini. That makes connecting a USB keyboard as easy as plugging in the right adapter.


In this example I’ve connected it throughs a USB-C hub from Startech so I can still charge the iPad with the charger, and I can also hook up a Clevy Mouse!


You can use any USB-C hub with power pass-through to achieve this.

Once you have the adapter, all that’s required is plugging the USB keyboard into your iPad. No other setup is required!


We have created a step-by-step demonstration on how to connect your wired Clevy Keyboard to the iPad with a short video, to show how user-friendly this option is.

Lightning iPad connection to USB-keyboard

Source: Apple

The process is slightly different for the older iPads with the 10.2-inch screen using iPhone’s Lightning connector.

You‘ll need Apple’s Lightning-to-USB adapter. Armed with this, hooking up a USB keyboard to your iPad becomes dead easy. Plus, this adapter also has its own Lightning port, so you can power the iPad while it’s plugged in.

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