Eyegaze 101

Eyegaze 101

Basic Eyegaze 101 training for the AAC Clinics


Here are some topics I might cover with a therapy team in an in-service.  If it is 1 hour, I start with a brief discussion of what challenges the team sees with clients (and themselves) when using eye gaze.  Then I address those challenges.  Among the topics might be:

•         Eyegaze 101: what therapists need to know to troubleshoot during assessment

•         How to work with less-than-perfect eyes

•         Atypical eye conditions that impact eye gaze

•         How to perform an evidence-based assessment

•         The patient-centered approach to teaching and AAC support to lessen the chances of AAC abandonment

•         How to teach individuals/families on learning a new device

•         New features of the Eyegaze Edge: Eyeworld updates, Medical communication pages, the New Encore Camera

Let me know if you'd like me to reach out and discuss how we might spend our time together.  It will be well worth it!

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