Using Assistive Technology to Meet Math Standards

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A guide to AT solutions for IEP goals across math concepts

  • Covers a wide range of AT options for a variety of standards from grades K-12
  • Provides an appendix of AT tools
  • Includes downloadable printable PDFs

Using Assistive Technology to Meet Math Standards begins with an extensive sequence of goals based on math curriculum standards. Sample goals are intended to be individualized and incorporated into the IEP. The standards range from number sense to calculus and encompass grades K-12.

The second section of the book describes the AT tools (software, hardware, manipulatives) listed alongside the sample IEP goals. Photos, price range, purpose, and vendor are included. Many of the solutions are teacher-created and low cost.

Authored by Sherry Purcell, PhD and Debbie Grant, MA. Covered spiralbound book, 290 pages, includes downloadable PDF with a Classroom License for printouts, 2009.

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