TetraStick Uno USB Joystick (Model TSU)

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USB Gaming Joystick

The TetraStick Uno may be sufficient for simple games, but is not intended to be a complete gaming solution. It is limited to the functions described in the Manual. Please read the TetraStick Uno Manual for details of operation.

The Tetrastick Uno has a single joystick that operates in several pointer movement and button press modes. Modes and settings are selected by pushing the joystick inward (very low force required). The external switch input jack on the Uno can be used with a single external switch, or the TetraStick Expander module that allows adding up to eight external switches. Comes with 6-foot right angle Micro USB to standard type A USB cable.

The TetraStick Uno works with PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox Adaptive Controller, and any other device that supports a USB gaming joystick. The TetraStick Uno firmware is updatable by the user. As users request new features or configurations, firmware updates will be made available.

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