TetraStick Twin USB Joysticks (Model TST)

Sale price$499.00


The TetraStick Twin was designed to be used with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It consists of two TetraStick Unos joined together, and each TetraStick has a USB port to connect them to the left and right USB ports on the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The functions of both joysticks are identical to the functions of the TetraStick Uno, therefore, the manual for the TetraSitck Uno applies to each joystick on the TetraStick Twin. Both joysticks have input jacks for adding an external switch or up to 8 switches using the TetraStick Expansion Module. Two Expansion Modules can be used with the TetraStick Twin, adding up to 16 external switches. Comes with two 6-foot right angle Micro USB to standard type A USB cables.

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