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The TMXSW with 1-3/4 inch spaced joysticks is identical in function to the TMXS with 1 inch spaced joysticks.Please view the TetraMouse TMXS Manual for complete details of operation of the TMXS and the TMXSW.

  • Plug and Play - Works with any computer, any operating system, or any other device that supports a standard USB mouse.
  • No attachments or targets applied to the user, allowing for greater independence.
  • No "sip and puff" means no spit filters need to be changed by a helper.
  • No drifting pointer as with head tracking camera systems.
  • No false clicks as with "dwell" clickers. Click only when you want to click.
  • Up to 5 button functions plus scroll functions on PC computers with Windows.
  • Up to 8 button functions plus scroll functions on Mac computers.
  • Dedicated scroll up and down functions with user-controlled repeat scrolling.
  • Built-in left and right drag and drop (click and hold) functions.
  • User programmable speed settings can be saved and recalled with the TetraMouse's internal memory.
  • Ultra-low power sleep mode when computer sleeps.
  • Several interchangeable knob options available.
  • Works in multiple mice configurations.
  • Made with recyclable PET (polyester) plastic and lead-free electronic components.
  • Standard stainless steel 1/4-inch, 20 threads per inch male mounting stud is compatible with most commonly available camera or lighting mounts. If ordered with the Tetramouse Mounting System (part TMMS), the "Mouse Mounting Stud" adapter is included and pre-installed on the TetraMouse. The adapter is easily put on or removed.
  • 30-day money back satisfaction guaranty, extendable to 60-days on request.
  • Lifetime transferable, no-hassle, FREE repair or replace warranty -- the longest warranty for any mouth or head operated mouse at no extra cost. Free repair/replacement requires that the customer pays shipping both ways.

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