Sip/Puff Breeze

Origin InstrumentsSKU: AC-0314-V3


Sale price$279.96


All user interface solutions can be attached to the separate, Breeze sensor using a simple twist-on pneumatic connector. The electronic pressure sensor in Breeze will sense a sip or puff and convert these events to mouse button clicks or joystick button presses, and pass these to the connected USB host device (typically a PC or Mac computer).

  • Sip and puff pressure thresholds are approximately 3-inches water column below and above ambient pressure
  • Mouse Button Emulation
  • Joystick Button Emulation
  • Extremely Low Latency
  • Works with Standard Windows, Mac and Linux USB Human Interface Device (HID) drivers
  • USB Powered
  • Real time gauge pressure can be reported as joystick X and Y values (± 4 kPa)
  • 2- by 0.8- by 0.5-inches (51- by 20- by 13-mm)
  • Weighs ½-ounce (14-grams)
  • 1-year limited warranty

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