SBP100C Sonic Shaker Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock

Sonic AlertSKU: 852-SBP100C

Sale price$58.99


The Pretty in Pink Camouflage SBP100C travel alarm clock is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but packs a pretty big wake-up punch!

Sleep well knowing you'll wake up on time, even when you’re on the road.

Small, light-weight, self-contained and battery-operated, this is a travel alarm that you can count on. It comes complete with batteries, pillow strap and clasp, and protective travel case.

• 90 db Extra-loud alarm

Sonic Shaker bed vibrating unit

• Pop-up display with convenience light (manually lighted display up to 50% longer battery life)

• Test button to test batteries, vibrator and sound operation

• Easy to set function keys

• Easy to read display

• Continuous four minute Snooze setting

• Swivel & flush mounted display protects settings

• One-year Sonic Alert blast-proof warranty

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