Rehadapt M3D Swing Away Joint

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M3D joint that allows the mount to be effortlessly swinged away for entering/exiting the wheelchair. Smooth bearing-driven mechanism and activation with a simple push button. Can be operated by the wheelchair user.

The swing away unit was designed to provide a new and elevated level of independence to the wheelchair user.

With the simple push of a button, the mount effortlessly swings away to an optimal angle that allows the entering/exiting of the wheelchair.

This durable component has a sturdy construction and was designed to endure intense everyday use. The bearing-driven mechanism will ensure a smooth movement every time.

  • Connects two M3D22 tubes
  • Allows the device to swivel smoothly between two positions 110° apart
  • Activates with the push of a finger
  • Operates by the caregiver or the wheelchair user
  • Safety feature automatically locks in place when reaching either the operating or the entering/exiting positions
  • Smooth bearing-driven mechanism
  • Can be mounted on the right or the left side
  • Activation force: 700g

    Rehadapt M3D Swing Away Joint

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