PocketMate Plus Voice ECU

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PocketMate Plus Voice ECU

PocketMate Plus Voice ECU

Voice Activated
Single or Dual Switch Scanning
Control over 250 Functions
PocketMate Plus Voice is a portable 4.5” x 3” voice activated and single or dual switch scanning environmental control unit powered by a long life rechargeable battery. This powerful, compact ECU can control over 250 functions of lights, appliances, beds, doors, telephone functions and infrared controlled devices. Features include audible feedback nd visual confirmation on an easy to read 2.25” display. PocketMate Plus Voice also features programmable macros, user adjustable scan speed, volume, brightness and scan repeat. PocketMate Plus Voice is easy to program with no additional hardware, software or tools necessary. There is no voice training required to use PocketMate Plus Voice.

Single / dual switch scanning

Control over 250 functions
Direct access to commands
Audible and visual feedback
4.5” x 3” device with 2.25” display
Programmable macros
Rechargeable long life battery
On site user programmable
Answer, dial and hang up phone
calls with the available telephone (sold separately)
Note: (additional modules may be necessary to control some devices)

PocketMate Plus Voice FAQ

Q: How is PocketMate plus Voice different than PocketMate?

PocketMate plus Voice is exactly that, all the features of PocketMate, plus voice input.

Q: Is a switch required to operate PocketMate plus Voice?

No, the device can be controlled entirely by voice using a wakeup command and voice
command. If necessary the device can also be controlled entirely with single or dual switches.

Q: Is there voice training necessary to operate PocketMate plus Voice?

No, there is no voice training necessary.

Q: How many devices can PocketMate plus Voice Control?

The device has 256 slots that can be programmed with a command. So the number of
devices is effected by the number of commands you have for each device.

Q: How long does the battery last?

Battery life is directly effected by how much use the device gets but has been tested to last
through a typical users day.

Q: Do I need a trained technician to program PocketMate plus Voice?

No, it is not necessary to have a technician program the device.

Q: Is the confirmation response different with PocketMate plus Voice?

Yes, you will receive a verbal response confirming the issued command.SKU: PPMV

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