Origin Stereo to Mono Adapter Cable

Origin InstrumentsSKU: AC-0309-CK-DNI-DS

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The stereo-to-mono adapter or splitter allows two single switches with mono plugs to be connected to Tapio, Swifty or the HeadMouse. The adapter may also be used with third party switch adapted devices. Cable Kit (mono-to-stereo adapter and USB extender)

Not only do adapters look different they have different functionality, see "Not All Splitters are Alike" below.

Note: Not All Splitters are Alike

  • There are two kinds of audio "splitters" one breaks up a stereo signal into a mono left and mono right channel – the kind used for a switch interface. The other kind of "splitter" is used to share one stereo signal with two sets of headphones each with a left and right channel. You cannot tell which type you have by looking, it must be tested.
  • Here is a simple test. Plug your splitter into an audio source (e.g. iPhone) plug your stereo headphones into one of the splitter jacks, if you only hear one of the stereo channels you have the correct splitter for a switch interface.
  • If you hear both left and right audio channels you have the wrong splitter.
  • This document has a more in-depth explanation.

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