Mattingly Wired Mouse CCTV

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Mattingly Wired Mouse CCTV is a powerful, portable, hand-held digital reading aid designed for people with low vision. The size of a computer mouse, it connects directly to any TV/monitor with video input in seconds, allowing you to read newspapers, magazines, recipe, cards and even medicine labels easily.


Compatible with any TV/Monitor with a RGB Video Input

Three (3) Viewing Modes:

  • Full Color
  • High-Contrast Positive (Black on White)
  • High-Contrast Negative (White on Black)

Seven (7) Levels of Digital Magnification:

  • 17.5x to 70x Digital Zoom on a 20" TV/Monitor
  • Larger TV/Monitor will Increase Level of Magnification

Other Features:

  • Ability to Freeze and De-Freeze current image
  • Unique Gliding Wheel Mechanism
  • Light Weight
  • Convenient & Ergonomic (feels like a computer mouse)
  • Easy to Use - Plug and Play
Mattingly Wired Mouse CCTV Description
Mattingly Wired Mouse CCTV

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