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Create and perform music hands-free!

How it works: The Magic Flute is an electronic wind instrument that enables people to play music with only small movements of the head. The flute is rotated up and down to change pitch and the strength of the breath controls the volume. The Magic Flute enables truly expressive performance and improvisation.

Totally hands free: Using just your breath and small head movements it is possible to fully control the Magic Flute. You can literally spend hours trying out all the different instruments with no assistance.

Professional Sounding: The control box contains a carefully chosen sound module with 128 different instruments including saxophone, trumpet and even a screaming guitar! The bright display shows you the note you are about to play.

Mounting options: Most players mount the flute on top of a microphone or camera stand. A special bracket allows it to pivot freely up or down. A set of handles are also available for those who wish to hold it in their hands.

Let’s Jam: It’s easy to play along and improvise with the Magic Flute. Choose the scale and you are ready to jam! You will be amazed to see how quickly a novice can produce beautiful music.

My Breath My Music: My Breath My Music is a non-profit organization whose aim is to make playing a musical instrument possible for people with severe physical disabilities. Located in the Netherlands, it’s philosophy, teaching methods and performances have attracted the attention and warmed the hearts of musicians and practitioners throughout the world. Visit My Breath My Music and be inspired by the possibilities.