LED Light Box

APHSKU: 1-08655-00

Sale price$1,196.96


Recommended for all ages, APH’s LED Light Box and accompanying materials help utilize students’ residual vision to track, scan, and develop eye-hand coordination, visual discrimination, and visual perceptual skills.

The new and enhanced LED Light Box does not have noticeable exterior differences from previous models, but features an LED U-tube, which is known to provide better light for longer periods of time. The Light Box features a yellow body with a lighted translucent a large white work surface, providing a high contrast background for opaque materials and a source of illumination for colored transparent and translucent items.


  • Helps develop awareness of light, color, and objects when used with special sets of materials designed by APH.
  • LED energy-efficient U-tube
  • Power supply
  • Built-in ledges hold overlays in position
  • Dimming control
  • Can lay flat or tilted at three angles


  • AC adapter (can be used internationally)
  • Adapter accepts power from 110VAC to 220VAC.

Light Box Instructions and Information Sheet

  • Weight: 15.95 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 30.75 × 20.05 × 9.7 in
  • Product Type: Assistive
  • Age: All ages

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