iLUV Portable WiFi & Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa (Compatible with Apple)


Sale price$105.00


Compatible with Apple and Android Smartphones and other Bluetooth Devices
  • Compact Size. Portable Design. Powerfull Sound
  • Play music from your favourite streaming services and radio stations
  • Smart Technology. Use your voice to ask and control Alexa
  • Easy to use. Special App so you can have the most powerful control and the simplest set up
  • Dual Wireless of WiFi/Bluetooth. Wireless connection via your home for Alexa or internet radio.
  • Multi-room listening experience, with multiple speakers playing the same or different music in various rooms
  • High quality and long lasting battery. With an LI-ION battery can play for more than three hours
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Click and Ask Alexa, weather, news updates, set a timer, local shops, order from Amazon Prime and more....

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