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  •  PhotoDialer reconnects the phone to those with difficiulty dialing a phone
  • PhotoDialer looks like a photo album, operates like a SpeedDial!
  • PhotDialer makes dialing simple and straight forward. Simple Program, Push and Call!
  • Store up to 24 pictures of friends and loved ones
  • Also perfect for emergency contact such as 911
  • Easy to use, portable and durable
  • LARGE pictures and LARGE buttons
  • Connects to ANY analog phone!
  • “FotoDialer makes remembering a phone number as easy as recognizing a picture.”
  • Instead of straining to read the small type of a telephone directory, or committing a telephone number to memory, now you just pick up the receiver, find the photograph of the person you want to call, and touch the button next to the picture. FotoDialer does the rest.
  • FotoDialer is not a telephone, it’s an accessory to your digital or analog telephone on an analog line. This new invention will simplify telephone calling for Elderly people who have difficulty seeing the keypad or dialing the correct number sequence. For some, a faltering memory can make telephone numbers hard to remember. FotoDialer makes it easy for the Elderly to stay in touch with family and friends again.
  • FotoDialer is an especially valuable safety tool for the young. In an emergency, dialing 911 is easy with FotoDialer. Pre-printed flash cards allow you to call 911 for fast, uncomplicated dialing to emergency responders. Telephone numbers to parents’ work or cell phones can be programmed into FotoDialer allowing children to contact parents in an emergency by finding Mom or Dad’s picture in FotoDialer and touching one button.
  • FotoDialer won’t interfere with your telephone. Just dial the number as you normally would.
  • FotoDialer is portable and will work with any analog or digital telephone on an analog (non Voice Over IP) line. If you want to change numbers to match new pictures, reprogramming is quick and easy.
  • Size: 6.42" X 7.87"? X 1.87" | 16.3 x 20 x 4.7 cm
  • Material: High impact ABS
  • Weight: 0.93 lbs. (without battery)
  • Picture: 24 Wallet size 2x3 in
  • Operating Temp: 0C to +35C
  • Storage Temp: 0C to +40C
  • Power: (2) AA Alkaline (only)
  • Colour: Grey

Q: What is FotoDialer?
A: FotoDialer is a telephone assist device that allows the user to dial a person or place by touching a button next to their photograph.
Q: Is FotoDialer a phone?
A: No, FotoDialer is a telephone assist device. FotoDialer enables your existing telephone to become an emergency telephone, an elderly telephone, a telephone that removes the barriers of communication previously encountered by some, or just a fun new way to make telephone calls.
It connects to your existing phone and aids in dialing, but is not a phone.
Q: Isn’t there already a “photo phone” out there?
A: There is nothing quite like FotoDialer out there. Picture phones don’t have the amount of numbers that can be programmed in, wear out, and you have to have very small pictures for it. The problem is that most people don’t have pictures that small, don’t have the equipment to make pictures that small, and cannot see such small pictures anyway.
Q: Who is FotoDialer for?
A: The FotoDialer is especially useful for the elderly, children, the disabled, the blind and visually impaired, and those that have difficulty using a telephone. However, anyone can use FotoDialer.
Q: Will FotoDialer work with my phone if I live outside the United States?
A: Yes! FotoDialer has been sold in countries all over the world and was engineered to work with almost any phone. As long as the phone line is analog, there should be no problems.
Q: How can the blind and visually impaired use FotoDialer?
A: When making calls, most users that are blind or visually impaired have to find the number “5” digit with a small dot on their telephone and go from there to make the call. FotoDialer allows them to just pick up their handset (or use the speaker button) and press a single button to make a call. Braille or raised symbols can also be attached on each slot to represent a person or place. Most blind and visually impaired cannot read Braille so we suggest using a symbol system for them. Ex: a circle can represent your “growing” husband.
Q: Do you have any suggestions on how to help those with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia diseases use FotoDialer?
A: Yes, some Alzheimer’s organizations have told us that most people that have this disease will often remember the happiest times in their life. Because of this, we suggest putting in pictures of people from that time. Ex: if Grandpa Smith’s happiest times were when his