Enabling Talkable 6-Message Spinning Communication Device

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Communication is right at their fingertips with this spinning version of our most popular communicator. The Talkable 6 is mounted atop a Lazy Susan that makes it easy to reach all six message buttons with the spin of the base. This communicator has 6 levels, 6 seconds per messages for a total recording time of 225 seconds. Sold with six clear covers for icons.

Talkable 6-Message Spinning Communication Device

Thanks to this brand-new version of our most popular communicator, communication becomes within reach. Spin the lazy Susan on the Talkable 6 to reach all six of its message buttons. With six messages for each of the six levels at six seconds each, you can record for up to 225 seconds. The Talkable 6 also comes with six clear icon covers.

What Does This 6-Message Simple Communication Device Do?

As an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device, this product helps people with different speech needs communicate. It records custom audio messages that you can replay at the press of a button or activation switch. With multiple messages and levels, it can assist people with a wide range of communication needs.

This communication device has six levels, meaning you can switch among six sets of recorded messages. Turn the level selector knob to choose the messages the user wants to communicate. You can record new messages at any time to adapt to your communication needs.

A Spinning Communication Device for People With Disabilities

The Talkable 6’s features assist individuals with disabilities, their loved ones and the people who help them. Since the Talkable 6 can record up to 36 messages, its communication capabilities can grow with the user. It finds use at home, in speech therapy sessions, in the classroom and anywhere else someone needs to communicate. The following types of customers can benefit from the Talkable 6:

  • Children and adults with disabilities
  • Family members and loved ones
  • Teachers and speech therapists

People with disabilities can use this device to communicate their needs, feelings and desires. Family members, loved ones and teachers can work with the user to help them grow their communication skills.

Additional features of the Talkable 6 include:

  • Six levels with six messages per level — a total of 36 messages
  • Volume control
  • Compatibility with textured tops and other adaptations
  • With a round, spannable design, the Talkable 6 makes communication more accessible for the user.

Buy a 6-Level AAC Communication Device Today

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NOTE: Icon images shown not included. Sold separately Print It! Icon Maker #4069X.

  • Size: 8½"
  • Diameter: 3"H
  • Weight: 1¾ lbs.
  • Battery: 4 AAA

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