Dragon Bluetooth Wireless Headset II

Dragon Naturally SpeakingSKU: NUA-HS-BLUE-DBT2

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Designed to meet Nuance's highest performance and quality standards for the most optimized and highest level of accuracy.  Your Dragon Bluetooth wireless headset is designed for hands-free dictation using the Dragon family of speech recognition solutions. With Dragon's ability to support multiple microphone sources for each profile, it is very simple to switch between different microphones, whether you want to use a specific microphone at home, or would like to be untethered at work, school or on-the-go.

Device control

You can also use your headset to make and receive calls and to invoke the voice assistant for your device, such as Siri (iOS). You can dictate with Dragon when it's installed on your Bluetooth-capable computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Key features

  • Beautifully designed and incredibly fast and easy to setup.
  • Cutting-edge Clear Voice Capture (CVC) noise cancelling technology.
  • Highly compatible with a range Windows desktops, laptops & tablets along with Android / iOS tablets & phones.
  • Universal and highly comfortable design, adjustable to left or right ear.
  • Includes convenient USB cable for quick and easy charging.
  • Up to 33 feet (10 m) range and up to 8 hours talk time.

NoteDragon keeps your preferences, voice adaptations and customizations all within a single profile, regardless of which microphone you use -- so its most convenient for you to own and use different microphones.

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