Clarity P300-SP Outgoing Speech Amplified Phone

Clarity PhonesSKU: P300-SP

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A phone specifically designed for those with weak speech. 

The P300-SP features Outgoing Speech Amplification (OSA) of up to 26dB and makes outgoing calls easier for those with weak speech. It's an ideal solution for those with low speech volume and can also be an effective tool for those that speak to anyone that's hard of hearing. The outgoing speech volume can be increased and decreased easily by using the rotary thumb wheel on top of the handset. 

  • 26dB Outgoing Speech Amplification (OSA)
  • Fully adjustable speech amplification
  • Adjustable ring tone
  • Bright ring flasher
  • Hold, redial, flash, and mute buttons
  • Powered by the telephone line, no AC adapter required

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