BRAILLO 650 SW Braille Embosser

American ThermoformSKU: BRAILLO-650SW

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The ideal production embosser for semi-automated Braille book and magazine creation.

The Braillo 650 SW2 Braille embosser produces both 2 (front/back) and 4 (book/magazine) page-per-sheet formats. Using braille paper in roll format, this embosser is ideal for creating braille magazines, textbooks or newspapers, but has the flexibility of embossing sheets, as well. If embossing in magazine format, a row of dots is printed in the middle of the page to make it easier to fold. Furthermore, each copy of a document is separated into signatures so that it is easy to collect and bind in your preferred method. A special feature of our embossers, and especially important during social distancing, is that they can be networked so that the transcribers are remotely sending files. Because the 650 SW2 can run interrupted for such a long period of time, a single person can then be with the printer collecting the finished Braille documents and binding them.

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