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The Braillo 300 S2 has the reputation of being the most reliable production braille embosser available. Braillo has been able to improve upon it even further by taking advantage of emerging technologies in both design and materials. When compared to the extremely high speed Braillo 600/650 series embossers, the reduced operating speed of 300 CPS allowed for the introduction of lighter weight materials, components and assemblies, all of which met, or exceeded current specifications. These advancements in technology allowed for production of the new 300 S2 at a more affordable price point, while maintaining the quality, durability and longevity that characterize all Braillo embossers. Additionally, Braillo has been able to reduce the weight of the embosser and re-design the case so that the user (one person) can easily do basic cleaning and routine maintenance.

Like all Braillo embossers, the 300 S2 is specifically built for reliable, high speed braille production.

The Braillo 300 S2 braille embosser is a reliable and dependable embosser for medium to heavy braille production. Embossing at 300 CPS (900 pages per hour) using continuous (tractor/Z fold/fanfold) braille paper, it offers exceptional dot quality and consistency. Its combination of speed, reliability, durability and quietness are the reasons why it is used across the world by most of the largest braille production facilities.

Feature Highlights

  • Only embossers to meet all Braille Authority dot height standards
  • Prints both 6 and 8 dot braille
  • Interpoint / Single-side
  • 300 CPS (900 pages per hour)
  • Superior braille quality and reliability
  • Used for decades by respected industry leaders
  • Extensive reference list
  • Duxbury Braille Translator included free
  • Easy to setup & easy to service
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB connections
  • Works with PC and Apple operating systems
  • Available as a tabletop embosser, on casters for easy moving or with the optional Braillo Stand 

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