AssistX AS one – Connect Set Acoustic switch AS one + AssistX Connect

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With the acoustic sensor AS one, physically disabled persons can reliably trigger a distress call, without contact and movement. The wide range of settings makes it possible to adapt the acoustic sensor very well to the users needs. Ambient noise is effectively filtered out. AS one can be set to human tones of different volume, sound frequency range and duration. In addition, a special pulse mode can be set for severely impaired users.

The set includes the AssistX Connect Box and a USB-power supply. The acoustic sensor AS one is sourced by the Connect Box. An activation of the acoustic switch will result a contact (NO or NC) at the output connector of AssistX Connect Box. All together the set makes the AssistX AS one an independent switch to control any device who needs a single switch to control.

Accessories (option):

  • #20458 Wall mounting
  • #20459 Mounting for Magicarm/tripod
  • #20097 Magicarm with Superclamp, and mounting for AS one
  • magnetic housing base for fixing to metal strips/iron pipes or the optional wall mount.
  • Measures: 51 x 51 x 26 mm

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