LightKey: SMART AI Typing

LightKey: SMART AI Typing – Text Prediction Software for Windows

06/29/2022 12:43pm

SMART AI Typing – Text Prediction Software for Windows

Our thoughts form between 1,000 - 3,000 words per minute, yet in reality we only type 40-80 words per minute.  Sometimes I use Google voice dictation on my Pixel 6, but my words don’t always come out as meant.   I don’t believe there is a scientific description, but it seems that my speaking is dyslexic.  My wife always lovingly corrects me.  No disrespect to those with reading dyslexia, it is a big problem however that LexiLens solves reading dyslexia.  The problem to increase our typing speed and accuracy has been solved!  Thanks to a ten-year old company in Israel. 

LightKey: Text Prediction Software for Windows

LightKey Pro artificial intelligence-powered text prediction software learns your typing patterns and gradually predicts up to eighteen (18) words, including punctuation marks, allowing you to compose emails, write documents more four times faster.   Correct your mistakes in real-time with the Tab key.  Over time, LightKey will learn your typing patterns and start to offer customized real-time suggestions with a sequence of up to 18 words it thinks you are about to type next.  Communicate your personal tone & style. 

Get the most powerful AI-powered writing experience. 

LightKey integrates in all Microsoft Office editions (2010 onwards), Chrome and Edge.  LightKey adapts itself to your writing style.  LightKey works for you even if you’re looking at the keyboard, like me, while typing.

Your typing speed, accuracy and quality will increase.  See the Dashboard to see your typing efficiency and keystrokes predicted and words per minute increase.  Save unlimited keystrokes and maximize productivity.  LightKey gets better the more you use it, and so does your productivity. Our Pro users save millions of keystrokes that turn into dozens of hours purely transformed for better use.

Not only does it draw from the latest grammar rules to clean up your words as you type, but it can also refer to more than 60 content domains specific to the subject you're writing about.  LightKey's content domains include technology, business, finance, law, academia, and more.   Domains are also customisable for your unique typing requirements. 

LightKey seamlessly works with Microsoft Office (2010-2021 and 365), Gmail, LinkedIn, Slack, Reddit, Twitter, and more Apps.  And LightKey works in up to 85 different languages.

For your boss's security concerns, in other words, the user’s documents and emails, along with their typing data, will NOT be sent or collected by LightKey’s servers in any way, as they are the user’s private property.  LightKey is digitally signed by GlobalSign, and you can also use it as a standalone offline version for Business needs.

And now the sad part is that LightKey only currently works with Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and 11. 

LightKey is free to use for 1,000 keystrokes per month.  Download here -

LightKey Pro lifetime licence with unlimited keystrokes is available from Special Needs Computers for $227 Canadian Lightkey Pro (

LightKey Business is for teams working on the same document and offers phone support.

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