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Special Needs Computers Solutions offers 1) Assistive Technology; and 2) Workplace Ergonomics since 2002.  Call us for any assistance at 1-877-724-4922, or the Chat Button (bottom left), or the Contact Us page.

We combine consultation, training, before and after-sales support; while balancing economics and professional expertise with your unique needs and requirements. We focus on the use of technology to overcome the barriers to one's quality of life and/or employment. We work cooperatively within the medical and technological professions. Call for specific product availability. Our Mission Statement is "We help you help yourself!"


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New Products
ClearView GO 17"
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X-YOYO Active Stool
$708.40 $532.00
$2197.99 $1999.66
PTZ Camera - SLX20SM
$2800.00 $2279.76
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X-TS Monitor Arm
$243.60 $189.00
X-Stack Chair
$560.00 $420.00
X-Side Chair
$803.60 $602.00
X-Project Task Chair
$700.00 $644.00
XG Wing Mgmt Chair
$1505.00 $1365.00
X-Basic DVL Task Chair
$980.00 $735.00
X4 Leather Exec Chair
$2146.20 $1610.00
NuEyes Pro E2+
X3 ATR Mgmt Chair
$1932.00 $1302.00
X2 K-Sport Mgmt Chair
$1493.80 $1120.00
X1 Flex Mesh Task Chair
$1286.60 $980.00
Hush Fold
Hush Slide
Classroom Safety Panels
$134.40 $124.60
Concept 3150 Task Chair
$3658.20 $3292.80
SterTouch Pro - Sterile Operation
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